Not a Moment too Soon.

I’ve lived with my Sister and her 2 cats for over 2 years now, which is a pretty big surprise. I’ve been on a Diet of nothing but Milk mixed with Oregon Chai tea during that entire time and last I checked the Human body can’t survive without food for very long but here I am still alive and kicking. We figured on less than a year. Because it was supposed to be a temporary situation and I didn’t want to be a nuisance I slept on the floor in the corner of the living room basically living out of my car until I gifted it to her, at which point I was living out of a suit case. When it became apparent that I was going to be around for a while I had to rethink things. I had looked at getting my own place but we both agreed that would be bad for both of us. She’d be constantly worried about me and if I was still breathing and there are quite a few things I can’t do for myself. We’ve managed to create a decent symbiotic living arrangement and decided it would be best not to alter that too much.

My little corner of the living room floor wasn’t going to cut it though. Her loss of space and my extended stay without privacy was starting to wear on both of us. So we batted around a few ideas and decided to take down one of the storage sheds, which was rotting and falling apart anyway, and turn it into my space. I’d pay for it so it wasn’t draining her retirement funds which would also start to pay her back for the time and space I’d taken up so far.

That shift in mindset was pretty profound! Around this same time my attorney finally came through for me and got my meager L&I payments restarted and I found myself wanting things again. I’d previously sold everything I owned trying to pay for my upkeep and preparing for the end and found I was beginning to miss some of those things; thus started the tentative rebuild.

I’d already given her $750 and the paperwork that covered my passing and the handling of my remains which allowed me to start focusing on my current situation. I bought parts and pieces here and there till I had accumulated everything I needed to build myself a decent PC, which can be found here if interested. I also started planning my new space and collecting the Materials needed to build it. I scoured many Tiny Home Sites and forums and came up with the current Sketchup design – currently up on my Google Cloud Drive if you’d like to take a look(I’ll have a link here when I figure out how to let others view it over the web without needing the software).

When trying to decide which route to move forward on, I look for things to guide me. It’s been very successful in the past and I usually find myself in some very foreign, interesting, and often wonderful situations as a result. With this project I kept feeling slightly off, like I was pushing against the current. The right track, wrong specifics, kind of thing. In my experience this usually means I’m heading down a path that’s not optimal or where I’m “meant to go”.  After a few failed and disastrous attempts to get the walls built I decided to look for alternatives. Sure enough I found a High school Construction Tech Class in need of a Class Project. My little building was perfect for their needs and we set off to make it happen. The majority of the Materials arrived there today and they begin building it tomorrow. That nagging feeling is gone by the way, guess I’m on the right track.

It still amazes me how much one can accumulate in a couple of years, even a minimalist like me. This past week I built a bed frame to get me off the floor and provide a place to store my things that won’t take up anymore room than I already do. It will also give me the chance to try the setup I want in the new place and work out any design flaws I may have missed. It took 10 times longer than it should’ve and caused considerable problems and a lot of pain. My Muscle mass is all but gone my body ended up consuming most of it in lieu of food so I had to get creative when it came to moving things heavier than a gallon of Milk but I got it finished eventually. Once the bed was built I was out of commission for 3 days, sleeping about 80% of the time. It’s far from my best work, in fact it’s probably the worst piece I’ve ever built but oddly enough, I’m still pretty proud of it, all things considered.

Today I got to finish it , added the head board, got everything under the bed, and finally found the origination of the Cat piss smell I’ve been hunting for over a year. Turns out the cats were using a loveseat, no one ever used, as a litter box. The Fabric must have been treated to resist liquids because it was all inside the frame and had saturated the floor but it wasn’t visible on the cushions themselves.

With a bit of help from Crystal our new cleaning lady and my Sister the offending furniture is outside and should be at the dump this weekend. A bottle of urine neutralizer, Litter to soak it up,  plastic to covered it and we should be rid of the stench soon. The Ammonia in the urine has always given me problems so I try to avoid homes with cats because the sad truth is the majority of cat owners I’ve known don’t clean the box on a regular schedule, they’ll usually wait until it’s full before changing it. The problem this presents though is Cats are very particular and can be quite fickle in their routines but that’s another blog article all together.

So now I’m sitting here, hurting like hell, unable to sleep more than an hour or two because of it, but all in all I’m content. The Smoke from my Smudge Bundle’s dancing around the room while the cats are trying to figure out what the hell that crazy guy with the audacity to ignore them did to their territory. Things are looking up and not a moment too soon. (Pictures of the new setup coming in 2-3 days)

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